Documentary Films

Filmmaking for me is a way of life. The adventure begins to flow with the initial idea. I have always been fascinated with the secrets of human nature, soul and the universe.

I started making films over 25 years ago. One of the main objectives in my work has been to create a fruitful dialogue with the subjects of my films and with the crew that participates in creating the film. Even though this is sometimes difficult to achieve, nevertheless I regard it as a proper and right aspiration.

Works of art, literature, film and others may influence those who seek order and a better world within the chaos that is life itself. I believe that in every artist, in fact in every human being, the belief in improving the world must be deep rooted. I regard my outlook as basically humanistic, and in general a straight line connects the films I make to the challenging message of the guide and philosopher A.D. Gordon who said: “Don’t fight darkness – strengthen the light”

Five examples of my documentary films are:
Caucasian Fighting Club – 45 min. This is a about a new immigrant boxer from the Caucasus, fighting his way up, and is a parable about the hardships of living in Israel as a new immigrant. Israel Channel 2, 2005.

The Conflict – The film is a part of a 6 films series that was made on Israel’s 50th anniversary. This particular film, which was first in the series, summarizes a 50 years of The Israeli Palestinian conflict. The series has been produced by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority in the framework of "Tkuma" and shown all over the world including PBS in the US.

Winding Roads – 57 min. One year in the life of an 18-year-old Bedouin girl, and her struggle for rights as a Muslim woman. Israel Channel 1, 2008.

Shooting in the dark – The 48 minute film follows Amram Mitzna candidacy for premiership against Ariel Sharon. The film broadcasted at the VPRO Dutch television two days before the 2003 election in Israel.

The Debka – A voyage in the middle of the First “Intifada” (The Palestinian uprising) expose, through the art of dancing, a common cultural language Arab and Jews share in this trebled land. Broadcasted in Channel One Israel 1989.

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