Where is home?

Voyage Journal 9 – Back to Israel

Landing in Israel continues the momentum of my journey. Even a week later I’m still engaged in all that had happened, and the implications of the journey on the film and my life. It has been a wonderful voyage and the company of Harry was significant and exciting. Throughout the trip I met interesting people and visited beautiful places. All those people, almost without exception, shared with me their life story and gave a fascinating personal expression on the meaning of home for them. Most of them talked about a torn heart when it comes to their ideal home and their desire to make it a better place, more human. During the journey I discover that my film, which deals with countless meanings of “a home”, is actually a film about ethics and humanity. The private home and homeland can be a source of support, confidence and pride, and in certain cases can turn out to be disappointing, difficult and even dangerous. Learn More

For the last 12 years I've been working on a long documentary film that is very precious to me. "Where is home" deals with the relation between our private home and homeland in its various implications. In an exciting coincident to my voyage, All over Israel, young passionate citizens set tents to protest against the cost of living in Israel. Thus without my intention I have started my journey here. Every day I go out, film the protest and talk to people behind it... Learn More

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