Promotional Films

The first promotional film that I’ve directed and produced was for IIS, a high tech company in Haifa. It was in 1984. The firm used the film in its campaign to gain capital in the NY stock exchange and employ the film for other means such as: acquire resources, illustrate the company qualifications in a very exhaustive ways for guests and clients.

A promotional film is a very powerful marketing tool that could serves any company, firm, fellowship and even a private person who wishes to expose a product or a creation for the public. A promotional film should usually be relatively short (depending on the subject and aim), punchy and effective. Over the years I’ve produced and directed many promotional films for various companies, agencies and private people.

A different promotional film, “Conversation is clay”, is a 25 minutes film that I’ve created together with the artist: Lea Majaro Mintz. The film presents the work of the sculptor, and broadcasted in channel 1 and channel 2 in Israel, also in various TV stations in Western USA. Israel’s culture consuls present “Conversation in clay” upon requests in all Israel’s embassies around the world.

This promotional industrial film is about Batman, an international engineering firm that has branches all over the world including Israel. The film was produced by JCS production.

Another example is a promotional film that is a part of a series of films about the activity at the industrial park of Tefen in the Galilee. The series have been created with a collaboration of National Geographic channel in Israel. All 10 films of the series show the way art and industry can exist together in harmony.

A list of some of my Documentary works


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