Some of my documentary works

Beyond the Rainbow – 30 min. The every day life of ‘The Tnuatron Dance Company’, a group of 35 girls from the age of 8 to 18. Broadcast on Channel 2, Israel. Participated in New York Film Festival “Dance on Camera” (Honorable Award). 1994.

The Conflict – 52 min. The Israeli Palestinian conflict in a 50-year perspective. Produced by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority in the framework of ‘Tkuma’ an international series that was shown all over the world including P.B.S in the U.S. 1997.

Good Intentions – 50 min. Joshua Zamir lost his son Yaron, in the first Lebanon war in 1982. Since then he tries to help others to deal with their losses. Produced for the Israel Film Service and the Second channel for Radio and television in 1998.

Ansar 3 – 60 min. the story of the detention camp, which was built by Israel during the first Palestinian uprising (the Intifada), for thousands of Palestinian political activists. Produced for VPRO Dutch Television in 1998. The film was shown on several festivals: Tel-Aviv, Rammalla, Glasgow, Amsterdam, The Jewish Film Festival of San Francisco etc.

Internal Diaspora – 24 min. The story of Naama Havkin, a 75 Jewish psychologist from Tel-Aviv who has been the lover of 80 years old Dr. Haider Abed-El Shaffi, the head of the Palestinian delegation to the peace talks in Madrid. 1999.

Red sea Green Future – 24 min. About a research on corals in the Red Sea by Israeli marine biologists from Tel-Aviv university. Produced by National Geographic. Shown on NG worldwide 2001- 2002.

The Son’s Legacy – 27 min. Terrorists from the Hamas group murdered Yitzhak Frankental son, Erik, in 1994. Since than Yitzhak has been dedicated his life to create dialogs between Israelis and Palestinians. Produced for the Second channel for Radio and television. Shown on BBC world 2002.

Caucasian fighting Club – 45 min. The story of a boxing new immigrant fighting his way through the hardship of being and living in Israel. Channel 2 Israel, 2005.

Winding roads – 57 min. One year in the life of an 18 years old Bedouin girl and her struggle for rights as a Muslim woman. For Channel 1 Israel 2008.


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